Debt Got You Walking the Plank?

Think about your household as a ship sailing in the sea of life. Consider your creditors as sailors helping you keep the ship running at a pace that moves you toward your life's goal. Then, stormy waters (job loss, sickness, economic impact, etc) become unbearable and before you know it, your shipmates become disgruntled and start to make demands that you can not satisfy . . . your ship begins to wobble, and you begin to lose control. In an effort to seemingly take over your ship, creditors are forcing you to walk the plank toward foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, and law suits that end in judgments that you can not satisfy. 

Robert "aaaRrrgh" Rexrode, Attorney At Law, PLLC to the Rescue!

  • Like the good pirate, RRR can help you fight back against those trying to take over you ship when you feel alone in a sea of debt sharks, by using debt relief law and the "automatic stay" to put you back in the Captain's seat!
  • Not all ships sail the same waters or have the same problems staying afloat. Thus, RRR uses different techniques to bring the ship back on course.
  • It takes an experienced pirate to stop a mutiny on your life, not just one who has adorned the fashionable uniform. RRR has been helping people effectively charter the deadly waters of debt since 1997 . . . before the Black Pearl ever sailed, or many area attorneys took the debt relief plunge!

Our core values
We understand that people and businesses who are facing financial difficulties have very little, if any, funds available to pursue debt relief. So, we do everything we can to make the process as affordable and easy to complete as possible. Clients are offered the option of making payments as we work toward getting their case filed . . . with no interest, no increased costs and no hidden fees. Easy one-dollar parking, ground floor access, and within minutes of the 19 counties we serve, our office is convenient and easy to find. You will be given the time you need to answer your questions, during a free-in-office consultation, and be able to make an educated decision on what options are best for your individual situation. Most importantly, we do not have set "one-price-fits-all" fees. That way, you only pay what is needed to service your unique needs, not a flat fee that covers more complex issues than you may have.

For those facing foreclosure on your home, we are able to stop the foreclosure with as little as $140 upfront costs. That means that the mortgage company will be stopped from taking your home out from under you and your family, and we will help you work out a payment plan that fits your budget. But, you have to act fast because there are time restrictions we must follow to be successful.

Basically, we come to work everyday to help people just like you. It is a rewarding feeling when you can help people keep their home, get out from under high medical bills, stop astronomical interest rates and late fees on credit card debt, avoid/stop wage garnishments that take perhaps 25% of your income each pay period, and get a fresh financial start without the stress of collection calls and lawsuits. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss what we may be able to do for you and your family.

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on Debt Relief

Those who need debt relief, whether personal or business related, will be happy to know, that there is a way to get a fresh start without sinking your ship. Smooth sailing can be attained toward a life free from unsecured debt, deficiency balances on secured debt, wage garnishments, and other pressures associated with inability to pay debt. Best of all, we will meet with you at no charge, to help you determine what options will benefit you and your loved ones. Choose to do nothing or try to pay what you can get attorneys or creditors to accept on a debt by debt basis and in the end, your ship is doomed to sink . . . even after you have tried to keep afloat by plugging holes and bailing water, often dealing with the stress for years.